We have rebranded: Sarmarie Designs is now Sa Sa Marr

Chopping Boards

Our chopping and serving boards are made from Jarrah, Yellow Stringybark, and Sheoak. All are over double the hardness of common chopping board species. Tests have revealed they’ll outlast their softwood counterparts in chopping applications by 7-25 times, without blunting knives any faster. This means they’re easier to clean, maintain and keep their natural beauty well after several softwood boards have been tossed in the trash.

They’re also better for your health. Whilst tests have revealed timber chopping boards to actively kill bacteria whilst plastic, glass and stone harbour them; Australian hardwoods are the most antibacterial due to their resistance to deeper cuts and their naturally occurring eucalyptus oil content.

Many softwood boards are made from timbers the leaves from which are toxic, whilst Australian hardwood leaves are eaten by other mammals like Koalas and both their leaves and sap have been used in healing applications for millennia. Unlike many cheap imports, our glues, oils and waxes are certified food safe.

Buyers can be assured their investment will pay for itself many times over and will assist healthy living better than any softwood board on the market.