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Sheoak end grain chopping board - Medium: 320 x 250 x 30 mm.

  • Made from many pieces of Sheoak from sustainably managed West Australian forests. 

    The scooped out handle combined with the rubber feet enables the board to be easily lifted from the benchtop. The feet create an elegant floating aesthetic and protect the board from absorbing moisture that may be on the bench. They're finished with grapeseed oil.

  • We use the strongest food-safe glues on the market to ensure your board is completely safe and provided care instructions are followed, will never come apart.
  •  [320mm x 225mm x 30mm}

  • Pre-care and avoiding marking: Blunt knives will score your board more than sharp ones. Where possible keep your knives sharp. Serrated knives (such as a bread knife) will also mark more. Using a cleaver to hack at ingredients will most likely damage your board. Our boards are designed for slicing and dicing, to protect your knives and to give a sanitary surface to cut on, they are not designed to absorb high impact chopping.

    Cleaning: Hand wash only by wiping with a moist cloth. Dry immediately after washing. Do not soak. Do not place in dishwasher. If you’ve been working with pungent foods like garlic, onions or fish, eliminate the odours trapped in the board by wiping a fresh lemon wedge on the surface after cleaning.

    Avoid other sources of moisture exposure: Do not leave wet objects on surface. After cutting wet food, dry the board immediately.

    Avoid excessive heat exposure: Keep timber in a constant environment. Do not keep your board near a heat source (such as a cook top) for any length of time. Not microwave-safe. Not oven-safe. Not for stove-top use. Do not leave in sun or very hot place. Do not place hot pot on surface.

    Oiling: Ensure the board is clean and has been allowed to dry. Apply grapeseed oil with a small sponge to all surfaces until it looks shiny. Pay close attention to the centre and most used areas of the board. Leave for 5-10 minutes then remove excess oil with paper towelling. Do not allow oil to become tacky before wiping back. If it does apply more oil to soften existing oil and wipe back immediately. Allow to cure for 6-8hrs before using. Frequency of oiling requirements depends on usage and environment. We recommend oiling frequently for the first three months. After this time, the board will have built up protection, but will require continued care. Don’t be tempted to use other oils as these can go rancid, promote mould growth or become sticky, attracting dirt and dust.

    When to sand: If the board becomes rough to touch, it’s due to the protective oil film breaking down, allowing moisture to raise the grain of the timber, resulting in a coarse texture. Lightly sand the raised grain areas with fine sandpaper (about 320 grit) until smooth. You’ll notice a white dust will result from sanding, remove this with a damp sponge and allow the board to completely dry. Then follow oiling procedure.

    My board has a wobble! Just so you know - we NEVER send wobbly boards! If a board arrives with a slight wobble, that would be caused from being in the transit packaging too long or in a hot area, or in direct sunlight during its journey, or because during use one part has been exposed to excessive moisture. As soon as you receive your board, it is a good idea to stand it on edge for 2 days to allow it to acclimatize to your environment and for moisture levels to even out. This should remove any wobble. Then give it an oil.

    We do not accept returns for customer misuse and abuse of our products. If after inspection a board is found to be faulty even though properly cared for it will be replaced free of charge.

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