Dye Sublimated Aluminium

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Dye Sublimated Aluminium

This is a futuristic process that boasts vivid colour and crisp detail, along with a finish that is scratch resistant, waterproof, and lightweight!

It is the combination of Chromaluxe metal panels, Sawgrass Inks and our superior colour management practices. During the Sublimation process, the specifically formulated inks are turned to gas at 600 degrees and infused into the metal panels to create a glass finish. 

Beyond wall art, it is also a great medium for Kitchen Splashbacks which we can manufacture to your size requirements.

The max single panel size is 150x90cm. We can achieve larger works by creating a triptych (3 panels hung slightly apart). Alternatively, we can achieve the same visual effect with an ‘Ultra gloss laminate’ (Fujiflex paper laminated to aluminium with a high gloss laminate over the top). Whilst visually stunning, this does not have the same heat and scratch resistant properties and must be handled with care. If you would like to chose this option please make your purchase as 'Face Mount Acrylic' but let us know on checkout that you would like it as 'high gloss laminate'.


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