We have rebranded: Sarmarie Designs is now Sa Sa Marr

About us

Sa Sa Marr was founded as a collaboration between Sarmarie (the flamboyant artist, printmaker, comedian, yogi), and Jeremy (the structural designer, builder, woodworker, philosopher, yogi). We are a somewhat eccentric and multi-talented.

Based in Dunsborough Western Australia we're surrounded by some of the most inspiring untouched and wild expressions of nature on earth, which forms a constant source of inspiration for our work.

Our wood range reflects our desire to keep touch with the grass roots of making usable, creative artworks, with our own hands, from natural sustainable materials, at prices the everyday person can afford.

Our print range is a marriage of art and technology. Breaking out of the mould of traditional art we explore the boundaries of how paint can be translated info modern, high quality, large format artworks created with the most advanced print technology available today.

We love doing business with 'real' people, so feel free to call or mail us anytime.