Lagoon Tuart - Small

Size Guide
  • At 2.7 to 3.6 times harder than standard chopping boards, ours are made to last a lifetime. 
  • Our small size is perfect for chopping in small spaces and for small tapas presentations. They're finished with food safe Tung Oil.

    As Tuart is not a commercially available hardwood these are a limited edition of about 2000, available only whilst stocks last.

    [290mm x 150mm x 19mm}

  • Our resin inlay boards are designed to handle a rougher treatment than the art boards. You can cut over the artwork but it will scratch more easily than the rest of the board as the branding does slightly soften the wood where it's applied.

    We recommend refreshing your board with tung oil should it start to look dry after extensive use. It is available from most kitchen shops or your local hardware store. Grapeseed or coconut oil can be used instead, however, they are less penetrating.

    To apply simply rub on with a sponge or clean cloth, leave for 5 minutes, then rub back vigorously with an absorbent cloth until all excess oil is removed.