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Individual Yoga Intensive 


The intensive is designed for those looking for the ultimate self-development that works through all aspects of yoga. You can expect to learn how to move from a place of knowing and to experience the relationship with yogic philosophy first hand.

Together we create a practice that enhances a steady connection with self and teaching methods 

Each Intensive is designed for you which helps to build a relationship with your breath, your body and your mind.

More information below 


Play in movement & pause in moments 

Individual Yoga Intensive with me 

PRACTICE: Understand that your body in made of lines and curves 


REFLECT: Simple ways to thread philosophy into your personal experience 


PLAY:  Understand body mechanics, alignment & transition 


PAUSE: Stillness, silence, meditation, yoga nidra 


LEARN: How postures can mimic each other 


BRING LIFE IN: Simple ways to connect to breath  


BUILD: Fun sequencing patterns that flow & are timeless 


TOOLS: Have a solid practice anywhere anytime 

Intensive cost

The Intensive goes for 5 weeks in person 

Beyond the pose: 5 sessions you will personally see me once a week understanding the fundamental truth of movement. ​



Embody Yoga: 10 sessions you will personally see me twice a week understanding the fundamental truths of movement and building self practice that is ideal for your current position in life


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