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Yoga Styles

move to feel, to love & to heal


Empower U

Vinyasa is the practice of being present in the moment, flowing from each action to the next – one breath at a time.


The word Vinyasa means “to place in a special way” and also refers to the synchronization of breath and movement which is the essence of the practice.


By cultivating strength and heat within the internal body, it will keep you on your toes making this practice engaging and rewarding.


A good tip for vinyasa, is to come without any expectations on yourself and open to the challenge!


Ease In

Are you new to Yoga? or just want to restore?

Restore Flow is suitable for all levels and experience.


Whilst some strength is still involved our Restore Flow classes offer a slow and simple flow. Drawing inspiration from Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Restore Flow is designed to open your body, release tension and explore movement throughout your whole system.


Maintaining a steady breathwork throughout will guide you into the meditative experience of this practice.



Yin Yoga classes are quiet, meditative practices with long deep holds.


This class uses mindful relaxation within each posture to target the body’s connective tissue and promote the mobilization of fascia.


This class is one of the most popular classes for stiff bodies. Yin can be treated as a meditative practice, finding stillness or simply just stretching.  



Pranayama is a powerful tool for self-transformation. Prana is life.


Prana is “energy” and energy flows through us and is what makes us. When we understand or have a sense of prana in our body we’re able to generate more of it. finding strength and vitality..


When we know about our prana, we’re able to direct it where it's needed most. Your breath is the easiest tool to access and explore the subtler areas of your mind.  

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